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The artistic diversity amongst the Chroma tattoo artists make us a pretty easy choice for your next tattoo. Regardless of what design you come to us with, you can be confident that our artists will give you exactly what you want. We specialize in custom, one-of-a-kind tattoos. In fact, we don't even have any tattoo flash on the walls like most shops do.
Our artists are incredibly talented and will work with you to give you the perfect tattoo. Bring with you any references for our artists, or even just an idea you have in your head. We are experts at translating your thoughts and ideas into a finished drawing.

Below is our staff of incredibly talented Tattoo Artists. Click on the link below each photo to see each portfolio of finished work.

When viewing our artists' portfolios, you will be re-directed to our Facebook Fan Page. These are updated everyday to ensure you see our latest and greatest work.


Jaime Levey



View her Photography Website

Her pics will blow your effen' mind!





Jason James Benci

Tattoo Artist


View Portfolio

Ryan Methric of Chroma Tattoo

Ryan Methric

Tattoo Artist


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Barbara Jones

Piercer/Tattoo Artist


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View Piercing Portfolio



Tom Salwoski is no longer accepting appointments